¶ Week 4: Question

Address all of the following prompts and please let us know if you have questions:

1.) Yesterday we explored the possibility of repurposing online social networking services (but also online platforms more generally) for academic/scholarly work. We also talked about some of the hazards and limits of these kinds of endeavors.

Consider one of the services we discussed (Twitter) or another service/platform that you are familiar with (Facebook; Genius; Pintrest). (Set aside for the moment blogging services like WordPress and Tumblr). Do these sites/services have any capacities or affordances that could be harnessed for collaborative scholarly work? This could be work that results in permanent content or a permanent archive. Or it could be more ephemeral group work: brainstorming, sharing feedback, workshopping.

Approach this question as a student or a teacher (or both). How would things have to be set up so that it avoids being merely a gimmick (adopting a technology for the sake of it) or butting against some of those very real questions of privacy and the unwelcome blurring of professional/personal boundaries? Alternatively, discuss an online tool/platform that you have used as a teacher or a student that you thought was really successful and explain why it was.

2.) Look over the Twitter feed from #HILT2015. I (Melanie) took a course there last summer. You will need to scroll down a bit to get to the richer parts. Identify what is working in this thread and list a few resources you find useful. Remember, resources can be people. (A single paragraph devoted to this prompt is fine.)

3.) Please share a couple of the sources from your presentation yesterday that you think are particularly insightful.