¶ Week 6: Questions

Please answers both questions below:

1.) The work you are doing on the Digital Watts Project is first and foremost for the Southern California Library. With that in mind, please explain your metadata creation process. In other words, give the library insight into what it takes to do what you did so they may learn from your efforts. Answer questions like: What order did you do things in? How did you decide on titles if the artifact did not already have one? What are your thoughts on the creation and application of subject terms? How much time did it take? How do you know you are done describing an object? What was the most difficult part of the process? Also, please make sure to share which of the class readings where most helpful—be they readings about classification, readings about Watts, etc.—and explain why they were helpful.

2.) The Southern California Library has expressed an interest in allowing library users to tag their digitized objects in order to add more information to them and/ or to described the objects in ways that speak more to their specific perspective or community. Talk about tagging: What is it? What are the benefits? What are the concerns and pitfalls? How does tagging connect with the library’s mission? What is the difference between tagging and the work you have already done? As part of your answer you must suggest at least one possible tagging system they could employ.